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Funds are displayed as per risk profile (low to high) and arranged basis their 3 year returns (high to low)

Inception date:   21/12/2006
Annualised Returns3.49%1yr3.64%3yr4.73%5yr
NAV 27.0448 as on 28/11/2022
HybridLow To Moderate
IDFC Equity Savings Fund
Inception date:   09/06/2008
Annualised Returns3.02%1yr7.61%3yr6.13%5yr
NAV 25.5170 as on 28/11/2022
Inception date:   25/02/2010
Annualised Returns-0.37%1yr4.84%3yr4.81%5yr
NAV 26.1635 as on 28/11/2022
Inception date:   30/12/2016
Annualised Returns1.28%1yr14.36%3yr8.63%5yr
NAV 17.5560 as on 28/11/2022
Inception date:   10/10/2014
Annualised Returns0.12%1yr9.42%3yr7.78%5yr
NAV 18.2340 as on 28/11/2022